Vascular Extremity Ultrasound

Vascular Extremity Ultrasound

08:55 12 June in Referrer Information


The information outlined in the flow chart below will save us having to contact you for clarification/new referrals or the patient returning to you with the incorrect examination performed.


Incomplete referral one

Examination requested: Ultrasound Leg Arteries

Is this asking for the Leg Arteries of one side or Bilateral Leg Arteries? Anatomical side/s must be indicated on the referral.

Incomplete referral two

Examination requested: Ultrasound Doppler Leg

Is this arterial or venous? If venous, is it acute (DVT or SVT/STP) or chronic (VV or Deep Vein Reflux)?

  • Acute venous studies are always examined ASAP so please ask your patient to book in
  • Chronic Venous and Arterial Leg Doppler Ultrasound are booked with an advanced vascular sonographer, so we need to know the examination type before the patient arrives as not all our sonographers can scan this type of examination.

Please use the following chart whendetailing patient history on referrals to avoid unnecessary delays allow for fast and effective diagnosis.