Diagnostic Imaging Pathways

Diagnostic Imaging Pathways (DIP) is an internationally accepted and accredited education and decision support resource for diagnostic imaging. The link below will redirect you to the Government of Western Australia, Department of Health Diagnostic Imaging Pathways. The Pathways are endorsed by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR).




Specific NCR summary of:

What to request – Abdomen, Renal, Appendix, Pelvic & Groin Ultrasound (pdf)

What to request – Vascular Extremity Ultrasound

What to request – Hips & Pelvis Xrays (pdf)

Nuclear Medicine procedures

Bone Scan, Cerebral Perfusion scan & Ventilation and Perfusion scan – Nuclear Medicine (pdf)

Breast Health and Radioligical exams (pdf)

Ultrasound Shear wave Elastography (pdf)


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