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North Coast Radiology – Serving our community since 1974

The North Coast Radiology Group is a longstanding member of the community, recognised for our excellence in providing consistent, caring and professional services to our referring practitioners, patients and customers, utilising advanced, state of the art imaging technology.


All medical imaging modalities are represented by the Group including multi-slice CT, ultrasound, licensed MRI, nuclear medicine, general and dental radiography, mammography and bone densitometry. A large interventional service is also offered.


We hope that this site provides you with the necessary information regarding the various radiological procedures available at the North Coast Radiology Group, along with booking information, locality guides, and specific preparation instructions for the procedures we provide. Also for your perusal is a wealth of information on contrast media, radiation and some basic relevant medical information and definitions to help you better understand the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of the procedures we perform at North Coast Radiology.


Please take into consideration that this information attempts to present complex radiological information in a general and understandable way and should be read accordingly. The information presented is constantly under review as we endeavour to keep abreast of advancing medical knowledge, and as such the information presented can change without notice.

Dr Ian Cappe
Breast Screening, Interventional, Radiologist NCR CVI
Dr Warren Lun
Body Imaging, Gynaecological US, Nuclear Medicine, Obstetrics, Radiologist NCR CVI
Dr Rohit Singh
Cardiac Imaging, Interventional, MRI, Radiologist NCR CVI
Dr Carolyn Keith
Breast Screening, MRI, Neuroradiology, Oncology Imaging, Radiologist Sydney

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North Coast Radiology Group Values

Integrity    To act with integrity in everything we do to develop an understanding and an unconditional positive regard towards each other.

Patient Care    To care for our patients to the best of our ability in keeping with the professional standards aimed for by the practice and in the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

Learning    To continuously learn to achieve our potential and provide the highest standard of patient care from: what we do; on-the-job coaching; work colleagues and doctors; study and training; and by sharing what we have learnt.

Openness    To communicate openly and positively with each other, to give feedback, to contribute to the success of the practice, to remove ambiguity and to build trust and respect for each other.

Perspective    To be alert and sensitive to what we do as it affects all areas of the practice.

Initiative    To find solutions to challenges confronting us to improve patient care, our own effectiveness, and to efficiency of the practice.

Accountability    To effectively achieve and improve the outcomes of our position in an efficient and timely manner to accept responsibility for our actions and to understand and learn from mistakes.

The Right Thing    NCRG strives to do the right thing as a work colleague, an employee, an employer, a member of the community and a professional service provider to advance our knowledge and standards for the well being of all.

The origins of North Coast Radiology can be traced back to 1974 when Dr William (Bill) Turnbull decided to return to his home town and establish his radiology career here in Lismore, in Northern New South Wales. He originally joined the local established practice of Drs Bell and Mutton, but generational differences and practice philosophy soon saw him in practice on his own.


He was fortunate in many ways, not only being locally bred, but his father was also the Chief Radiographer at Lismore Base Hospital. There was also, at this time, an influx of younger doctors, some of whom Bill knew from his training days.


1974 The practice opened on 1 July 1974. Maureen Stephenson was the first receptionist; she later became a radiographer. Bill’s mother also worked at the practice carrying out reception duties. The practice was situated upstairs on the corner of Molesworth and Magellan Streets, then AGR’s building, now known as Nesbitt House.


1975 Dr Peter Meyer joined Bill. The practice grew and new equipment was purchased. Bill always believed that you bought the best and latest you could afford, and this philosophy has stayed with the practice ever since.


1978 saw the first branch established in Canterbury Street Casino at the request of several doctors in the town in particular, Dr Castagna still practising in Casino, and the late Dr Adrian Boyd.


1979 was marked by the arrival of Dr Warwick Herbert fresh from two years radiology in London, and a background in Diagnostic Ultrasound – then a relatively new discipline. The practice had a new modality.


1980 The major turning point for the practice came on 31 January 1980 when the AGR’s building burned to the ground; the practice was destroyed. The three radiologists and several staff held a meeting later that night, and decided they would start again. However,


Bill decided he would move on. He subsequently bought a practice in Inverell, so he could pursue his passion for stud beef cattle. To the great credit of all concerned – staff, engineers, equipment suppliers, tradespeople and the Lismore community – a new facility was operating only ten days after the fire.


The old name of the practice was changed to Killclare Radiology, to reflect our new address at 16 Keen Street, Lismore. Later, as the practice opened other branches at other sites, the name was changed to North Coast Radiology.


2012 Saw the upgrade of Nuclear Medicine and Women’s Imaging and resulting in the move away from our long-term home in Keen St. Nuclear Medicine was moved to a specialist suite in St Vincents Orion St did not have the infrastructure to support the weight of 2 SPEC CT’s.

This also saw Women’s Imaging specialist rooms set up in St Vincents dedicated to the Diagnostic imaging requirements of our female population covering Mammography, Ultrasound, Bone Densitometry and predominantly staffed by our own female staff.


2013 MRI services introduced in Grafton


2014 The growth of MRI Services has seen the expansion of this technology to incorporate Ballina delivering a key additional service to the local community.


2017 North Coast Radiology Group partnered with Quadrant Private Equity, Qscan and X Radiology. Integration of our experience and technology will ensure we continue to provide superior Radiology Services for our Patients and Referrers.  Significant enhancements have been made across the branches with the installation of a Digital Xray Machine in Casino and upgrading Mammogram to Hologic 3D Tomosynthesis in Grafton, Lismore and Ballina.