CTCA Preparation

To achieve optimum image quality and the best service for your patient we aim to have a heart rate of 60bpm or below. Due to geographical challenges, it is not possible for patients to attend our Clinics prior to their examination for a heart rate check. Instead, we advise adhering to the guidelines listed below.


In addition to following the NCRG distributed preparation sheets we encourage compliance with the following Toshiba preparation guidelines.
Below 60bpm – No beta blockers required. Follow NCRG preparation sheet.


60-65bpm Metropol 50mg 2hrs prior to procedure.


65-80bpm Metropolol 50mg BD
(1 x evening before and 1 x 50mg 2hrs prior to procedure).


Above 80bpm 2 Day Metropolol 50mg BD (twice a day) last dose 2hrs prior to appointment.


Above 90bpm – Requires Doctor assessment but possibly not suitable for the examination.


Sinus Rhythm 60bpm or less


• Patient preparation is the most important key to a successful cardiac CT

• Some patients cannot undergo proper preparation, which makes them undesirable candidates for cardiac CT

• There are also important patient selection factors for cardiac CT

Patient Selection Cardiac CT

Patients who are best suited to cardiac CT are:
• Those with regular heart rates in sinus rhythm
• Body Mass Index below 40kg/m2
• Normal renal function
• Able to follow instructions and remain still
• Patients who can tolerate beta blockers if required
• Patients who can tolerate sublingual nitroglycerin
• Patients who can raise their arms above their head