Request or grant access to an examination

Request one-time access to specific patient or study

Request a copy of a specific examination result (images or report) for a patient in your care. You can also grant access to another provider.


Patients can also initiate a request via the Patient Support; ‘Copies of Examinations’ form.

(Note we do not send reports or images via email)

Referrer Information

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(Including area code)
(Userid you use to login to Inteleconnect or Inteleviewer - if you do not have one enter 'One time access')
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Multiple studies

Maximum file size: 20.48MB

(List must include Surname, Firstname, DOB - optionally accession #, date & description of examination, patient ID)

Single Examination / Study Information

(first name & surname)
(starts with NA at top of validated report)

Grant access to another provider

Consent and Sign off

Maximum file size: 20.48MB

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