X-Rays, Barium Swallow/Enemas, Small Bowel Series & Intravenous Pyelography (IVP)

The test relies on the fact that different parts of the body attenuate (stop) X-rays better than others. X-rays are ionising radiation, generated by an X-ray tube.


The rays are controlled by shielding down a narrow beam, directed towards the part of the body being examined. On the opposite side of the body, an x-ray film is positioned in the path of the x-rays, and is “exposed”.


The X-ray film is then processed and an image generated. Where the X-ray passes through the body easily, that part of the film will be black. Where x-rays are stopped, the film will be white and various shades of grey in between.


X-ray examinations are used to look at many structures in the body. They are especially good at looking at the chest and at the limbs, but plain X-ray is a very versatile imaging method.

There is no specific preparation for general X-Ray examinations.


Depending on what body region is being examined, may be asked to remove most of your clothes, but may keep on your underpants, Buttons, clips etc on clothes show up too well on x-ray and can be confusing to report or may hide abnormalities. You may be asked to change into a cotton gown which opens at the back.

General X-Rays do not have any specific restrictions if referred by a GP or Specialist.


Allied Health practitioners such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Podiatrists have specific restrictions around examinations they can request which are medicare eligible.


Often Allied Health practitioners  request other examinations which we can accept for example MRI’s. Patients need to be aware that such examinations are unlikely to qualify for a medicare rebate.

X-Ray images are often the most recognisable of Radiology examination images done and can be a key starting point before undertaking more specialist diagnostic imaging as they show up bone structures so well.

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