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Interventional Radiology and Proceedures

Our radiologists experienced in undertaking various proceedures and interventional Radiology which include:



Injections are common for areas such as nerve roots and shoulders. A corticosteroid injection around nerve roots, for example, may alleviate the pain by reducing inflammation of the nerve. If the pain is suspected to come from a particular root, but it is not certain which one (especially in older people who may have root compression as a result of arthritis at a number of spinal levels), blocking the root with anaesthetic confirms or rules out a particular root as the cause. This can help planning for future surgery.



A Biopsy is a procedure which obtains cells from a lump by using a needle, so that a definitive diagnosis can be given. The cells are looked at by a pathologist under the microscope. The results are therefore not available immediately.


The test is done using Ultrasound or Computed Tomography (CT) depending on site of the lump.


A local anaesthetic is usually given first and then a fine needle is passed into the lump to capture the cells



A number of drainage procedures can be done by Radiologists of NCRG. Commonly requested procedures include the removal of fluid from the Chest Wall (Pleural Aspiration), which is usually carried out to determine why there is fluid around the lung (diagnostic procedure) or to improve symptoms (therapeutic procedure), as the fluid around the lung may be causing symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath or chest pain.


Also requested is a medical procedure where a needle is used to drain fluid that is trapped in an internal body cavity, most commonly the abdomen (belly). Fluid may have to be drained from the abdomen for different reasons, such as if the fluid is stretching the abdomen and causing pain; if the fluid is infected; or if a doctor needs to analyse the fluid in a laboratory for the presence of any disease.


Other requested Interventions and procedures include:

Breast Hookwire Localisation

Image Guided Lumbar Epidural Corticosteroid Injection

Image guided lumbar nerve root sleeve injection

Image Guided Facet Joint Corticosteroid Injection

Due to the specific nature of many procedures, your specific preparation will be advised to you at the time when your appointment is finalised.

This examination is eligible for a Medicare rebate if referred by a GP or Specialist.

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