DXA Body Composition

A DXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) Body Composition Scan uses advanced scanning technology to accurately measure lean muscle, fat and bone mass for the whole body as well as separate body parts. Body Composition Scanning using DXA has been proven to be significantly more accurate than other technologies including bioelectrical impedance and skinfold thickness measurements.


A DXA Body Composition Scan is the solution for people wanting highly accurate body composition information to assist with their fitness training or weight-loss program. DXA scanning is able to provide your baseline measurements, monitor results over time and assess progress towards your goals. The detailed whole body and regional lean muscle, fat and bone mass composition data can be used to fine tune your personal body fitness or sculpting programs set by your personal trainers, dietitians or exercise physiologists.


The results from a DXA Body Composition Scan are used to develop a personalised and targeted program. Sequential measurements are used to modify the program to achieve key goals and produce optimum results for maximum performance.


The DXA imaging service is overseen by a specialist physician and performed by qualified technologists and radiographers.

A DXA Body Composition Scan works by passing very low energy x-ray beams through the body to a detector array. These x-ray beams progressively lose intensity relative to the densities of the different body tissues. From this information, the amount of lean muscle, fat and bone can be calculated for any given region of the body.


This state of the art technology provides a fast, non-invasive, precise and accurate measurement of tissue composition based on a 3 compartment body model, comprising lean muscle, fat and bone mass. It provides a comprehensive body composition assessment which includes the total body and regional results for the trunk, arms, and legs, assessment of left to right body part differences, percentage body fat and android / gynoid fat distribution.

You will be required to lie still on the scanning bed for around 5 to 10 minutes, but some scans may take up to 30 minutes depending on your height and width

No special preparation is required.  You may eat and drink normally. Please wear comfortable clothing without any metallic objects such as zips and metal buttons. Gym wear is fine. We can provide you with a gown if needed. For women, the scan is not performed if there is a possibility of pregnancy. Please inform our staff of any concerns.

The images obtained are digitally recorded. We will provide a printout report for you after your scan. You may wish to discuss your results with your personal trainer, dietitian or exercise physiologist.


Click on this link for sample report produced.

No referral is required for a DXA Body Composition Scan.

The x-ray dose from a DXA Body Composition Scan is very low. The radiation dose has been calculated to be one hundred times less than the dose from a chest x-ray.

The cost is normally $95 per scan.

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