E-Referrals including Form

Below are list of E-Referral PDF forms. They will allow you to create a referral and email it direct to us. Once received we will contact the patient to arrange an appointment.


Please save to your desktop and open in Acrobat or similar. Will not work in some browsers.


North Coast Radiology

General Imaging Request E-Form

MRI GP E-form

MRI Liver E-form

MRI Multiparametric Prostate E-form

BMD Request E-form

Allied Imaging Request E-Form

Chiro Imaging Request E-Form

Dental Request E-form


Clarence Valley Imaging

MRI GP E-form

BMD Request E-form

Dental Request E-form


Qscan Chatswood & Qscan Ryde

Qscan Sydney General Referral E-Form


What does this mean for you and your patients?


  • No more urgent calls to your practice requesting reprints of referrals as we would have received it electronically direct from your practice.
  • Radiology referrals generated during a Telehealth consult can be emailed directly to North Coast Radiology and the patient.
  • Hyperlinks to extra information for each modality, including up to date Medicare criteria and Imaging Pathways.
  • Google maps links for each NCR branch.
  • Patients will not have to initiate the booking process which will mean greater follow up and completion of requested investigations for clinical correlation.
  • Less on hold wait time for both patients and referrers.
  • Efficient, accurate booking and preparation process as NCR will have the information required, without relying on the patient to interpret medical terminology.
  • Once the appointment has been initiated by our clerical staff, the patient  will be sent a copy of the referral with the appointment date & time, branch details and any preparation.


Upload & Send Scanned Referral

If you already have a referral it can be uploaded here.

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E-Referral GP MRI Form

E-Referral GP MRI Form

Patient Details

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MRI Knee
MRI Head
MRI Spine
MRI Under 16 - Hip, Elbow, Wrist
MRI Prostate - Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan of the prostate for the detection of cancer.
Restricted to once in a 12 month period.
The patient is suspected of developing prostate cancer, due to one of the following:
• A digital rectal examination which is suspicious for prostate cancer; or
• In a person under 70 years, at least two prostate specific antigen (PSA) tests performed within an interval of 3 months are greater than 3.0 ng/ml, and the free/total PSA ratio is less than 25% or the repeat PSA exceeds 5.5 ng/ml; or
• In a person under 70 years, whose risk of developing prostate cancer based on relevant family history is at least double the average risk, at least two PSA tests performed within an interval of 1- 3 months are greater than 2.0 ng/ml, and the free/total PSA ratio is less than 25%; or
• In a person 70 years or older, at least two PSA tests performed within an interval of 1- 3 months are greater than 5.5ng/ml and the free/total PSA ratio is less than 25%.
Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan of the prostate for the assessment of cancer:
• the patient is under active surveillance following a confirmed diagnosis of prostate cancer by biopsy histopathology; and
• the patient is not planning or undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.

Items 63543 is applicable:
A) at the time of diagnosis of prostate cancer; and
B) 12 months following diagnosis; and
C) every third year thereafter; or
D) at any time if there is clinical concern from the specialist requesting the service.

MRI Liver
MRI Liver only payable once per patient in a twelve-month period.

item 63545 - A patient with known colorectal carcinoma with known, suspected or possible liver metastasis, for the purpose of characterisation or intervention planning, where the patient has had a mass lesion detected in the liver on previous CT scanning or ultrasound.

item 63546 - A patient with known or suspected hepatocellular carcinoma for the purposes of diagnosis or staging where the patient has pre-existing chronic liver disease, confirmed by a specialist; and has an identified hepatic lesion over 10mm in diameter; and has been assessed as having a Child-Pugh class A or B liver function.
MRI side

Clinical History

Is or may the patient be pregnant?
Contrast Allergy
Diabetes Metformin
Renal Disease

MRI Checklist

Pacemaker / Heart Valves
Aneurysm Clips
Cochlear / Ear Implants
Metallic foreign body to eye
Other metallic/electronic devices

Referring Practitioner

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