Report and Image Solutions

Understanding more about available report and image delivery options

North Coast Radiology Group (NCRG) has flexible delivery options available so you can receive NCRG reports and diagnostic images as efficiently as possible.


Report Downloads

Reports can be delivered using a secure messaging service (Medical Objects) free of charge. They can either go directly into Practice Management Software (PMS) such as Best Practice OR as PDF’s into a specific folder for those who do not use PMS such as Dentists. All of these reports contain a link at the bottom of the report so you can view the images without needing to login. If you would like this facility, please download and complete this form and return as per the details on the form.


Electronic Reports & Images

Electronic reports and images are available to referrers via InteleConnect (a web based portal) or Inteleviewer (Windows or Apple desktop application) or Zed Doctor (click here for more information on Zed Doctor) that all access our PACS system via the same username and password. To apply for a PACS account, please click here and select “Request PACS account”.



You can receive NCRG reports via facsimile. To provide us with your fax number click here to update your practice details.



A printed report can be delivered via post or given directly to patients. Images may also sometimes be printed depending on the modality. Set the practice preference here



Filmless is the preferred method but films can be given to patients or posted. When updating practice details select Filmless to No and select preferred delivery method.


Diagnostic Images can be exported onto a CD, which includes reader software to enable practitioners to review those images digitally. The CD can be sent in the post to the referrer or given directly to the patient by updating practice details. There are many reasons why this is not a good method – patient has to wait for CD to be created, patient forgets to bring the CD with them, CDs sometimes fail, fewer PCs are coming with CD readers, enviromental impact, hard to share, easily lost and images can be reviewed before the patient’s appointment.


One Time Access

We are able to grant one time access to specific patient examinations or images where patients may be visiting a non-local practitioner who does not have an online account with us and/or when patients have forgotten to take their images. To request one time access for a particular patient examination, please click here



NCRG does not email medical reports or images using standard email due to confidentiality and privacy of patient information.



It is important to note that for any of the diagnostic imaging report and image delivery methods described above, you as the referring practitioner need to ensure you are receiving reports and images for patients in your care.


If you are having any technical issues with your existing delivery of reports and images from us, please contact us by clicking here