CT Coronary Angiography – Now Available in Lismore

CT Coronary Angiography – Now Available in Lismore

11:37 17 November in North Coast Radiology, Patient News, Referrer News

North Coast Radiology is proud to expand its clinical services to the community by offering a state-of-the-art Cardiac CT imaging service at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Lismore, with the award winning Toshiba 160 Slice Aquilion Prime CT.
Cardiac CT can give valuable information about the status of the coronary arteries in an outpatient setting.


The Aquilion PRIME features:

  • 160 slice technology to provide high resolution views of the coronary arteries,
  • Very fast scan times that reduce the length of breath holds that are required,
  • A large CT opening and wide CT couch top to make for a comfortable, non-threatening examination,
  • Dose reduction CT technology to deliver low dose cardiac CT results.

All scans are reported by radiologists credentialed by the
“Conjoint Committee for the Recognition of Training in CT Coronary Angiography”.