E-Referral Booking

When you call number below, please let staff know that you received an SMS for a Elecronic Referral. If outside business hours, please call on next business day.


1300 669 729

CVI Grafton:

02 6604 2400

CVI Maclean:

02 6603 2800

Qscan Chatswood:

02 8423 2700

Qscan Ryde:

02 9813 2500

If outside business hours we will call the next business day. Please select the preferred branch for your examination. We will book your appointment at the next closest branch if your examination type is not available at requested branch.

We will call you
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Preferred Appointment Times
If you select a preferred date and time it cannot be confirmed till we call you.

Click here for for first available date and time or select a specific date in Preferred date. We cannot guarantee a specific date but will do our best.
(Please untick days of the week you cannot attend)