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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for Referrers

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Reports and Images

Q  – How do you send me my reports and can I change my report or image preferences?

When you are initially set up with NCRG, we incorporate your preferences for both the type and delivery method of reports and images within our practice management system.
Reports can be provided on paper and digitally via report downloads or through our online services. Paper reports can be distributed via fax or post or with the film via the patient.
Images are available in film, paper and digitally via online services or CD. They can be distributed physically via patients or mailed on CD or viewed online.
To change your report and image preferences please click HERE

Q – How long does it take to get patients’ report and / or images from the time of the examination?

NCRG uses voice to text technology which means, depending on patient commitments, the Radiologists can and often do report many examinations very quickly. We do, however, recommend patients wait a minimum of 24 hrs from the time of their examination before coming back to you for results.
If the report involves multiple examinations or report elements eg printouts from a heart monitor or you are physically remote and do not have online/digital access to your reports or fax, we recommend you allow at least 2-4 days for the reports to be finalised and sent.
Please read the questions about report and image preferences as we can adjust these to ensure you receive reports as quickly as possible.

Q – What do you do about medically urgent reports / results?

Medically urgent examinations are reported as quickly as possible after the examination has been concluded. Results are sent to referring practitioners via available digital methods immediately. Radiologists may, in some instances, contact you directly. It is important that we have your emergency contact details for this eventuality. This can be done using the Referrer Update and Information Form within Referrer Support section of this site HERE.

Q – How do I request a repeat delivery or copy of a report?

If you need a repeat delivery of a particular report,  contact your local branch or click HERE.

Please have the Patient name, DOB and examination details so we can quickly locate the report for you.

Q – What happens to examination results requested from my previous practice?

Our policy is that reports will be sent back to the location attached to the provider number on the referral form. Depending on the arrangement you have in place with the practices and patients you may want to ensure you are set up with us for your new location and CC yourself using the new provider number and the new location. This may be suitable for some Specialists who are based at multiple locations.

If you have a valid online account you can also access your results and images via Inteleviewer or our online Portal.


Q – How do I register as a new Referrer and/or how do I update my details?

Advising us of your correct location details and provider number is important so we can ensure your reports are sent to the correct location – especially if you practice from multiple sites. Please use the attached form HERE to update you or your practice details. On receipt of this information, our Client Service Officers will contact you.

Q – How do I organise some pre printed (blank or personalised) referral request forms?

We can provide a range of personalised and printer-friendly referral forms including general, MRI, Bone Densitometry, Dental and Nuclear Medicine

Please use the form HERE to request the forms you need

Q – Who owns North Coast Radiology Group?

North Coast Radiology Group (NCRG) consisting of North Coast Radiology, Clarence Valley Imaging and Chatswood & Ryde Radiology is owned by the Radiologists who are Partners of the business.

North Coast Radiology Group is Australian owned with the Head Office in Lismore, NSW. It is not a corporation listed on the stock market and the Partners who own it also are responsible for delivering the service. NCRG is also a specialist Radiology practice meaning the single reason for existing is to deliver a quality Radiology service in the areas serviced by our branches in Ballina, Byron Bay, Casino, Lismore, Grafton, Maclean, Chatswood & Ryde.

NCRG provides employment for over 200 local staff across the organisation.

Q – Tell me about your Privacy and Confidentiality arrangements.

Patient Privacy information is located HERE

Referrers are required to complete confidentiality and privacy forms to access images and reports HERE

Q – I need online access to examinations

Online access can be arranged for valid referring practitioners either for ongoing access or just for a particular study.

You can use the form HERE to initiate a request an online account. Please request one time access to a specific patient or examination result HERE

Once we have received your request our Client Service Officers will contact you to finalise your request and arrange the appropriate access.

Q – My password/portal link is lost or does not work..Help!

For Inteleviewer and Online Portal passwords that are not working:

1 – Passwords are case sensitive. Check your CAPS lock status

2 – Passwords entered incorrectly3 times will lock your account; click HERE to request it be unlocked.

If your password is lost or forgotten, click HERE to get it reset

If you have lost the LINK to the online results portal click HERE

Q – Can you help with merging requests onto your general A4 or other request forms?

Yes we can. Please contact your Client Services Officer who will be happy to work with you/your Practice Manager.

Radiology specific

Q – Who are your Radiologists? What Subspecialisations do they have?

Click HERE to see the profiles of our Radiologists. The Radiologists have extensive experience enabling us to deliver across most, if not all, modalities and examination types.
Sending patients to NCRG means you have access to a comprehensive range of subspeciality skills held by the Radiologists and the benefit of a collegiate environment.
Radiologists who hold subspecialties have undertaken additional study.

Q – With who do I discuss specific examination suitability?

All NCRG Radiologists are able to help suggest appropriate imaging pathways to consider for many medical issues. If, however, you have an issue where you need to speak to a Radiologist with a specific sub-specialty you can do that by contacting your local branch using our prioritised referrer hotlines who will transfer you accordingly.

Q – How do I contact the Radiologist that validated a report I have? 

Irrespective of which geographic area you are calling from, you can contact your local branch using the referrer hotlines and they will be able to transfer you directly to the specific Radiologist if available. If not available,  the first available Radiologist will take or return your call as soon as they can. If you have a non-urgent question for a Radiologist, consider requesting a call back from them via HERE . 

Q – I would like to view an example image set of a specific examination type.

Please email your Client Liaison Officer  HERE

Q – I have need for some imaging protocol/s which may vary from your standard.

For one-off examination variation needs please detail your request on the referral form.
Alternatively, if you have an ongoing requirements please contact your Client Liaison Officer HERE, who will discuss your needs with the relevant Medical Technicians and Radiologists.


Q – What is your Billing Policy?

The billing policy for NCRG varies by branch and region because the services and costs vary. For information on the general billing policies of a particular location please contact your Client Liaison Officer HERE

Q – What do you Bulk Bill?

Many Medicare eligible examinations and services we provide are bulk billed leaving patients with no out of pocket costs.

Q – What can I tell my patient about any out of pocket costs they may incur?

North Coast Radiology Group is a specialist Radiology Practice and is not owned by the Government, is not a subsidiary of a broader corporation or subsidised in any way.
NCRG relies on its fees to cover all operational costs as well as investing in technology, exceptional staff and development of additional services for the communities in which it operates.
NCRG aims to keep costs as low as reasonably possible particularly for those with Government cards such as Health Cards or Pension Cards.
Full information on any costs patients may be required to pay are advised at the time appointments are booked or by calling your local branch.

Q – What is the billing for inpatients at St Vincents Hospital, Lismore or North Coast Public Hospitals?

In-patients at St Vincents in Lismore are ???TBC
In-Patients at other Hospitals where NCRG provides a reporting service will generally visit the in-hospital facility where the service exists. Where NCRG is providing a service to a public in-patient from an NCRG branch, the patient is not directly billed; the hospital is.

Q – How do you determine Medicare Rebate Eligibility?

Every Radiology service has to meet certain Medicare eligibility criteria for patients to be able to claim a Medicare rebate. The Government has strict rules to determine eligibility.  Referring practitioners need to determine whether the examination is or is not Medicare eligible. At NCRG, we establish eligibility based on what referring practitioners have documented on the referral. Rules are available from the Medicare Benefits Schedule website.

Q – Do you accept Workers’ Compensation, Department Veteran Affairs or Immigration?

Yes we do, however Medicare eligibility and fees may vary compared with other patient groups.  Please be aware of the following:
Workers’ Compensation  – written authorisation is required. When patients contact us we advise them of the specific steps they need to take.
Immigration Visa related examinations – are managed as per the visa application forms.

Veterans Affairs – Gold Card holders scans are rebatable. White card holders will be advised of applicable Federal Government conditions when they contact us.


Q – Do you accept referrals documented on Blank paper or any Radiology company’s stationery?

We accept all referrals for examinations we are able to perform.

Q – Which services need an appointment?

Appointments are required for many examinations However, we recognise that making an appointment is not always possible for example:
We provide a general X-ray walk in service at the following branches: Ballina, Byron Bay and Orion St in Northern Rivers, Grafton and Maclean in Clarence Valley and Chatswood & Ryde in Sydney. Patients who walk in  may have an extended waiting time.

Q – How do I organise a medically urgent appointment for a patient?

If you have a patient with a condition you suspect is medically urgent, please phone your local NCRG branch and advise them of what you suspect or need. We work very hard to accommodate all genuinely medically urgent patients.
Holidays are generally not considered medically urgent reasons!

Q – Can I book or amend an appointment online for my patient?

Booking  a non-medically appointment for a patient can be initiated online HERE

Changing a non-medically appointment for a patient can be initiated online HERE

Appointments can be coordinated by the referrer, the patient or patient’s carer either online or over the phone.
The booking will be finalised when we have spoken directly by phone to confirm appointment details and preparation requirements and these have been accepted by the patient directly.


If you have a question which is not addressed please submit your question here. We will get back to you as soon as possible and if suitable add it to this FAQ.

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